What Color is your Personality ?

The five fingers in our hand are different . So , are we human beings. What is it that makes us different ? It is PERSONALITY , the difference maker and it is in your Genes. It creates the involuntary behavioral patterns necessary for you to function and to survive , and represents both your genetic coding and the outward direction you will take in life. Your personality affects all aspects of your life : your lifestyle , your work habits, your relationships, your stress responses , and your health.Your personality has two aspects : traits and characteristics. Traits are the result of inherent genetic coding that determines the way your brain functions around mental processing , which is how you gather and process information and make decisions.Characteristics are the flexible parts of personality that allow you to adapt and survive.It is driven and controlled by the boundaries predetermined by your personality traits.

There are four distinctive personality styles : RED , ORANGE , YELLOW and GREEN.

Red Personality (Red stirs the senses and passions )

Hard work is the hallmark of reds – they make things happen.They are hardworking , ambitious people who are driven to conquer. Reds are rapid-fire thinkers and become impatient with too much planning. They are fiercely competitive .In their rush to win , they may simply push others aside or run over them.With a conservative approach to life, they live more in the past than the present , and are concerned with personal safety and security.They are firm-minded, practical, stubborn , and assertive.It represents aggression , passion , strength , and action . The color red excites and represents the blood of life.Reds move the world.

Orange Personality ( Social color of service to mankind)

They are , by nature , caretakers. They are more solicitous , more sensitive or more concerned about basic human emotional needs .They are devoted , considerate , and ever-so-helpful team players.They make decisions based on how they feel about things. Orange energy seeks harmony and cooperation between people , and focusses on family and on the building of relationships that are mutually beneficial . They live more in the present than the past and plan for the future. They are jealous and protective of their things and the people they care about. They have a strong need for personal praise and  seek social acceptance. They are friendly , welcoming , and approachable.

Yellow Personality ( Color of intellect , innovation )

Yellows are self-confident personalities. They are intuitive and challengers. They challenge the way things are done , and they challenge authority.They are both conceptual and analytical thinkers who pride themselves on their ability to solve problems. They live in both the present and the future. Yellow in the energy system reflects intellect and is a synthesis of both linear thinking and creativity. They are stimulated to explore new directions. Emotionally , from a positive perspective , yellow represents optimism and joy. They are idea people who have the capability of turning ideas into reality.Negatively , it represents lack of courage and fear of criticism.

Green Personality (fresh emblem of well-founded hopes)

They are open and receptive to new ideas.They are continually looking for new interests .They are expansive in their thinking – idea people who thrive on change and are constantly seeking new experiences. They are continually hopeful and optimistic that they will find their place in society , since they need conflict-free environments and relationships , and are driven by their need to be liked.Greens seek energetic social contact and approval. They live in the past and future. They are continually impatient with the present because it is too slow to catch up with their futuristic thinking. They have a deep longing for spiritual fulfillment. They continually seek to understand what their life’s purpose is , the significance of life itself , and also mental , emotional , and spiritual expansion.They are most interested in the extrasensory and the supernatural.

The final words….

New scientific evidence in the fields of behavioral and energy medicine is supporting the premise that the real cause of illness lies in our thoughts and emotions.Personality ties behavioral and emotional responses to the body. The body responds by creating weak sites predictable by personality color.If we have the knowledge and understanding of our personality colors, we have an increased awareness of the vulnerability of our state of wellness.

Kindly check the book titled

“What color is your PERSONALITY ?” – Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

Author: kiruthikaarunkumar

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