Polution of corruption

In India the humongous tree of corruption finds it’s roots in none other than the very opportunistic mindset of the common middle class man, which is passed on to his child at a very tender age, that he should study and strive not in order to contribute something to the society but in order to get a secure, well paying government job, entitling him/her to a prerogative called “upar ki kamai” (a jargon ironically referring to the bundles of notes exchanged under the table as bribe). As the child grows up watching his elders falsifying his D.O.B. in records of educational institutions, using political influence to get things expedited, furnishing false income/caste based certificates, milking loopholes in the system etc, his own psyche is imbibed with the same opportunism and guile.
But then, this common middle class man has such attitude because he is the one at the receiving end of a system full of deceit and inefficiency, where he needs to lock horns with red-tapeism and bribery, on daily basis, to meet even his very rightful requirements. He can teach his child honesty and dedication only at the peril of exposing a gullible child to a reckless world where straight trees are cut down first.

Author: Nivedgupta

I'm the person who doesn't want to change myself for me ,i want to change the world for me ....