Boeing Crisis

The Boeing company is an American multinational corporation which is among the largest global aerospace manufactures.

In march 2019, Boeing 737 Max planes were grounded due to two plane crashing within the span of 5 months.  These crashes led to the death of 346 people which urged the authorities to open up multiple investigations. The crashes were mainly credited to the faulty automated system present. The pilots have claimed that they had no information related to this system. Boeing’s philosophy relies on the belief that more control should be provided to the pilots rather than automated systems. However, the crisis is one of the ironies.

The first plane crash took place in Indonesia on October 28 killing around 189 people on board. This led to concerns among pilots since they weren’t aware of the newly installed automated system. This was a severe case of misinformation or lack of information.  After looking into the matter, Boeing assured that the planes were safe enough to fly but then 5 months later, another plane crash occurred in Ethiopia which killed 157 people on board. Investigations brought out the fact that malfunctions in MCAS-Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System made them inoperable by pilots. This built apprehension towards flying in these planes even when they returned back to sky.

As a consequence, Boeing had to pay fines and deal with lawsuits from families, airlines and pilots. They even received public backlash. The existing CEO was fired in response to the backlash and a new CEO was appointed, David Calhoun who is now met with responsibility to get the planes re-certified.