Types of Interview

  1. Face to Face interview : in this type of interview the interviewer will be there infront of candidate where he will ask questions and get the information about the candidate.
  2. Telephone Interview: In this type of interview interviewer will make interview in telephone.
  3. Video call interview: In this type Internet platform will be used to make video call where interviewer and candidate are connected through the internet. If the destination of the interviewer is far then this type of interview is preferable.
  4. Panel Interview: here interview taking people will be 2 or more where candidate will be one. Questions will be asked by the different interviewers but one person need to answer all of their questions.
  5. Group Interview: Group interview is the interview where many Candidates will be interviewed in single time. In this one Topic will be given based on that candidate need to talk. Here the communication and confidence will be considered more.