Culture of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, also known as the state of Rising Sun, is a state of India. It is located in the North-eastern region of the country and is one of the seven sister state. It shares borders with Assam and Nagaland to the south. The state also shares international borders with Bhutan in the west, Myanmar in the east and disrupted borders with China in the north.

The state has long been recognised as a region of Indian subcontinent and finds its mentions in ancient Hindu literature like in Kalika Purana and the epic poems of Mahabharata and Ramayana. The state was a part of Assam until it was made a Union Territory in 1972 and in 1987 it was made an Indian state.

The land of rising sun, Arunachal Pradesh, is characterized by mountainous ranges and sub mountainous ranges along the northern part. This state is truly diverse in terms of its culture. Arunachal Pradesh has 26 major tribes and multiple sub-tribes. People of Arunachal Pradesh speak over 50 dialects. Arunachal Pradesh is a green gold. Because of the variation in altitude and climatic condition, it has tropical, subtropical and temperate forest.

Tribes and Religion

Arunachal Pradesh has a truly varied culture with 26 major tribes and multiple sub-tribes. Each tribe is characterized by its own unique set of culture and traditions.
• The first group of people in Arunachal Pradesh is made of Monpas and Sherdukpens of Tawang and West Kamang district. The following Lamaistic tradition of Mahayana Buddhism.
• The second group are the worshipers of Sun and Moon God, and comprises of Adis, Akas, Apatanis, Bhagnis, Mijis, Mishmis, Nishis and Thongsas.
• The third group consist of Octes and Wanchos tribal communities of Tirap district. They are followers of Vaishnavism and maintain strict village society which is ruled by hereditary chief.

The people of the state mostly practices indigenous religion which is highly inclines towards nature. However Christianity too in practiced by 30% of the population. Certain amount of the state population practice Hinduism. Tibetan Buddhist is practiced in certain parts of the states which is adjacent to Tibet. The central faith along the Burmese border is Theravada Buddhism.

Art and Dance

The state of Arunachal Pradesh possesses great craftsmanship skills. From weaving to painting, carpet making to pottery, wood carving to ornament making, basketry to cane and bamboo work and many more, the local man are skilled for all. The women on the other hand expertise on handloom and handicraft making.

Dance and music are important part of life of Arunachal tribes. Various dance forms are seen in different part of Arunachal Pradesh. They can broadly be divided into four different categories, namely, festival dance, ritual dance, recreational dance and dance drama. Most of the dances are accompanied by chorus songs.


The people of Arunachal Pradesh celebrate a string of festivals, and the reason ranges from religious to socio cultural to agricultural. Since agriculture is the main occupation, there are many festival celebrated for good harvest. Some predominant festival of the state include Losar, Solung, Boori- Boot, Mopin, Dree, Nyokum, Reh, Si-Donyi etc.