Online Education: The new face of education

With the growing global pandemic, the trend of online learning has surged significantly, as people are looking for ways to be productive while staying at home. There was already strong global growth in top-ranking professional skills such as languages, designing, IT and software, marketing, and much more, but with the COVID pandemic, online learning becomes an important part of our day to day life. Classroom learning got restricted to e-learning.

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Now, many see online classes as an alternative to classroom learning and there of course are many pros that come with it whereas some see online classes as a hassle and nothing less.

Online classes give the student the flexibility to be present in a class from the comfort of their homes, the students have the freedom to be anywhere and just log in for their classes as per their convenience. There is no hassle of getting ready to go to school or college, which takes up a considerable amount of time.

Not only does online classes minimize being exposed to people and the flexibility of learning, online classes gives students access to recorded database of the material which they can go back to anytime for revision.

But with all the advantages come the disadvantages, the biggest one being the lack of one-to-one interaction. Traditional, classroom learning gives students access to their tutor in a physical form, and asking questions, clearing out the queries becomes much easier.

Online learning does provide comfort learning but takes a lot of self-discipline too, but slowly and steadily e-learning could become the new face of learning and education.