Future of Home-schooling

Although many people see education system as the best way to socialize and instruct young children, each year there are growing numbers of parents talking about putting their children in home-school.

Assuredly you will recognize a variety of benefits of doing this, but the fact still remains that something is “lost in translation” between possibilities available to the public and at home. Fortunately, it seems as though robots are picking up the slack in home-schooling ecosystems.

What Is the Future of Homeschooling?

Home Schooling Problem:

To understand how robots change education in home-school settings, you first need to learn the issues surrounding at-home educations. Though supporters of the public school often argue that home-schooled children are left at a loss, the statistics suggest otherwise. Children that are taught in this atmosphere actually attend university at rates equal to or higher than their counterparts.

It is also worth noting that researches have shown behaviour problems for home-schooled children. Yet there are some considerable differences when it comes to their teachers. For example, in many states no accreditation or training is required to teach your kids. In fact, there are even states that do not predict teaching at home about holding a high school diploma. None of this is to suggest that home-schooling parents can’t have a decent education. However, there have been some subjects where all may benefit from artificial intelligence (AI).

The benefits of robots

If you have kids and want to home-school them, you should rest assured that, practically speaking, they’ll be all right. Actually you’re going to be in fine company. The number of home-schooled children is increasing significantly of 2-8 per cent per year. However, when doing this it is necessary for all of us to consider our limitations. Luckily, robots have evolved enough to help conquer those limits. One only has to consider different languages to realize how important home schooling robots can be. Only one in five Americans can speak a foreign language, but in their curriculum, many jurisdictions do have a requirement for foreign languages. Fortunately, artificial intelligence is used by the ROYBI robotic system to educate kids a variety of languages in which parents may not have experience.

It’s also worth noting that the system is constantly evolving to teach other subjects — as AI certainly should. The new educational emphasis is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, humanities, and math), and in these subject areas, ROYBI is continually introducing new content.

Where are we going from here?

As robotic world continues to develop, many are now questioning whether artificial intelligence will completely replace classroom teachers. Home-school family would also have the option of using robots to fully teach their own children if this were to happen. While the cost may seem prohibitive, consumer robots like ROYBI have enabled AI to be brought into the home.

Luckily, it seems as if AI is moving to a point where it can deal with children on an emotional level. For example, ROYBI can recognize facial expressions and respond to apparent emotions in an acceptable manner. Obviously this is no substitution for actual human interaction, which can never be excluded from public or home-school settings, but because machine learning increasingly encourages robots to behave more objectively, these artificial interactions can become essential aspects of the learning process.

Home-schooling is growing in popularity every single day, and while success rates are impressive, it is important to remember that several teachers’ parents cannot do the job. However, with the improvement of artificial intelligence and robotic technology, there is little wonder that one day everything taught in public schools can be learnt at home. While there is disagreement about whether in-home learning can provide equivalent or higher education, home-schooling robots may one day make that fact unquestionable.

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