Most Sought-after Skills at this very second

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There was a time when the only choice the Indian teenagers had when it came down to an engineer or a doctor. Anything else was looked down on. The parents picked one of two options right when a child was born and made sure that he or she got into the field of their choice at any cost. It was a difficult time, no doubts but the good news is that time is over now. Most teenagers pick their own fields and profession and what they want to learn is their choice. 

There is a huge variety of fields that can be picked by an individual and having a government job isn’t the basic necessity anymore. People join corporates, do freelancing and start their own businesses everyday. Everything starts on a small scale and everything has the potential to shoot up and become a global success. The stories of self made people become an inspiration to many who are yet to enter the field of their choice.

New technologies are introduced that make our lives better and these technologies also bring with them an array of new skills that need to be learnt to support the new technology. Learning these skills can fetch you a good job and you can also make your place as a popular freelancer. These skills could also become your USP and make you stand out from the crowd.

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Given below is a list of skills that have high demand in the market as of now.

  • Project Management

It is time to hone your leadership skills. Courses in project management can last from a year to six months and once you become certified, you can lead a team of people through a project. The main challenge of a project manager is to achieve the goals in specific time.

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  • Coding

New and more efficient computers are getting developed everyday and the demand of people who can speak the language of computers is ever so high. The job of a coder is to tell a computer what task it needs to perform. Coders also play an important role in the development of beautiful websites and interesting apps that we come across in daily life.

  • Copywriting

All the advertising and the marketing efforts that makes you buy a product or service has been done by a copywriter. He is the creative mastermind and can make or break a brand. As long as there will be selling, there will also be a requirement of a copywriter.

  • Public Speaking

You have to have the skill of public speaking, regardless of your profession, in order to rise to heights. This skill is tested when you are a speaker in a conference, you have to present your work in front of your bosses or when you want to convince a group of investors into funding your startup. 

  • SEO and Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important because what is the point of having a beautiful website if it doesn’t get viewed by potential customers. SEO makes your site more visible when a person looks up keywords that are relevant to your sites, on search engines like Google. With the knowledge of Google Analytics, one can use the data about the audience of the site and make important decisions accordingly.

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  • Digital Marketing

Social media has become the new playground for businesses to aggressively advertise their offerings at. Most people use Facebook and Instagram, instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, email and browse through internet pages for both work and fun. Using these mediums for selling has become very important.

  • Excel Knowledge

Excel is something that almost all of us have already come across in school when we learnt its basic functions. With exceptional Excel skills one can get hired as financial analyst, sales manager, accountant and information clerk. Even things like data entry in spreadsheets require people with knowledge of Excel.

  • Web Development

Almost all organisations, from government to private, have a web page that has been developed by a professional web developer but that’s not his only job. A web developer makes all kinds of sites like social networking and e-commerce sites for both the internet or the intranet.

Author: Shruti Yadav

Studies Business Administration at Bennett University (2019-22)

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