Everything you need to know about the importance of human resource planning. Human resource planning is very important as it helps in determining the future human resource needs of the organization.

The effectiveness of human resource planning process decides the adequacy of available manpower in the organization. An unsuccessful human resource planning leads to either shortage or surplus of workforce in the organization and brings serious disaster.

Importance of Human Resource Planning – Key to Managerial Functions, Efficient Utilization, Motivation, Better Industrial Relations and Higher Productivity

We are acquainted with the objectives, approaches, forecasting, and techniques of HR planning. Obviously the importance of HR planning is manifold. It serves as a key to managerial functions, efficient utiliza­tion of men, identifying and motivating them, promoting industrial relations, and boosting productivity.

i. Key to Managerial Functions:

Planning, organizing, leading, directing, and controlling (POLDC) are the five managerial functions that need HR for their execution. Human resources help in the accomplishment of all these managerial activities effectively and efficiently. Therefore, staffing becomes a key to all managerial functions.

ii. Efficient Utilization:

With the emergence of the concept of the global village, handling HR efficiently has become an impor­tant function in the industry. Large organizations need huge HR to execute their job effectively. As such, the staffing function has emerged as a critical organization process.

iii. Motivation:

Irrespective of their levels, organizational citizens need motivation. The staffing function, in addition to putting the right men on the right job, also comprises various motivational programmes. It is essential to launch financial and non-financial motivational schemes, including incentive plans. Therefore, all types of incentive plans become an integral part of staffing function to satisfy both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

iv. Better Industrial Relations:

Stability, smooth running, and growth of a concern depend on the quality of interpersonal relations; especially on the relation between the management and unions. Members from the unions and asso­ciations form a collective bargaining forum. A strong relation between them helps taking decisions collectively. Furthermore, human relations can become even stronger through effective control, clear communication, and effective supervision and leadership.

v. Higher Productivity:

Productivity levels increase with the efficient utilization of resources in the best possible manner. Productivity is enhanced by minimizing wastage of time, money, efforts, and energies. Alternatively, cost reduction, value engineering, method study and work measurement, and other techniques help to enhance productivity. Human resource and its related activities/systems such as performance appraisal, / training and development, remuneration, further settle on productivity.

It is, therefore, suitable on the part of the organization to opt for HR Planning to prevent any unnecessary hurdles in its workforce needs. An HR Consulting Firm can provide the organization with a comprehensive HR assessment and planning to meet its future requirements in the most cost-effective and timely manner.