Bickering Bollywood….

So we all know that Indian film industry aka Bollywood is the second highest cinema producing industry in the whole world after Hollywood per annum so you may be thinking this guy is confused he just contradicted his own tittle right? Well to be honest I wish I would be confused but I’m one hundred percent not confused. In a manner Bollywood is a gold mine of new and vibrant and really amazing movies as in most cases in Indian diaspora, but my question is why such an old movie industry with actors like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan who come in the list of top ten richest actors in the world, and having directors like Satyajit Ray are never producing movies which at least can be the bread and butter of the whole world as such french and the German movie industry even the movie industry of Chile and the Korea is producing movies at par excellence in terms of movie’s theme and story line as well as acting and the popularity in terms of views like in french we have Belle de Jour(1967) and blue is the warmest color (2013), German’s having The Marriage of Maria Braun(1978) and Freier fall (2013), chile’s a fantstic woman (2017) and obviously the ripple maker Parasite(2019) and many more in many more other countries as well but the biggest question of all is why not Bollywood. Every good or popular through out the world movie produced in Bollywood were before 2000 as if you are wondering why then I guess a lot changed since that time that’s why the production of good movies ceased to existence because of the reason that lot of the actors,directors,screenwriters,cinematographers and producers are not passionate about making movies anymore it’s just a business a sort of money making procedure for them .

Movies like Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali (1955) and Mira Nair’s Salam Bombay (1988) in a manner literally defined Indian movie industry’s potential so if they did it the why can’t it be done again,well I know Mira Nair is American but she did made movies on Indian culture which are nominated for Academy Awards (Oscars), BAFTAs and many more so why not now. Well in a manner Bollywood is all about nepotism and love story nowadays. So let’s get on to the facts if a director from America well I thank him, can make movies about the struggles faced by a slum dweller in the Mumbai as that famous movie Slumdog Millionaire(2008) that also by using Indian actors,composers, lyricist and many more also included can bag eight Oscars that also for Indian people as AR Rahman and Gulzaar so tell me that Bollywood being based in Mumbai never saw it or did they just ignored it? Recently also another movie Lion(2016) was made about the life story and struggles of an Indian orphan boy Saroo Bareily in the streets of Kolkata to a beautiful life in Tasmania which bagged several Academy award(Oscar) nominations.So what went wrong in these recent years that our dignity in the movie industry has gone so down that we won’t even get a nomination in any of the Oscar’s category,BAFTAs and not even Cannes. Well we can’t say that Bollywood has gone down totally in these recent years we had so many good movies too like Raazi(2018), Neerja(2016), Uri(2019), Barfi(2012) , Lust stories(2018) , Mary Kom(2014), three idiots(2009), Bajirao Mastani (2015), Jodha Akbar(2008), Dangal(2016), Devdas(2002), My name is Khan(2010), Swades(2004), English Vinglish(2012), Tumbaad(2018), lagaan(2001), Tare zameen par(2007), PK(2014) and many more which show case the value of the Indian movie industry and it’s potentials but the biggest problem which is wrecking us all is the lack of originality and the rejection of new talent in Indian film industry and Nepotism and Favoritism which is killing the Indian film industry in a really gruesome manner. Another big problem is the lack of experimentation and really comical and absurd action movies as I’m literally starving for a good science fiction movie or a bone chilling horror flicks at least but all we get is boring love stories with a lot of songs which are not even sung by the actors but they are just LIP SYNCING(to synchronize) to it in a manner as such I’m literally going crazy In a manner are you seriously saying that the actor is just imitating the singer in a movie represented mainly by super hit songs, not that much acting either, no diversity at all as literal white washing of the whole cast not even a single dusky or black actor or actress in a lead role(leaving the very few exceptions)so it’s really sad for me and it should be a matter of concern for the whole Indian Diaspora in India or through out the world that such a precious movie Industry is dying just because of gross negligence and the greed of a few materialistic people who are good for nothing and are just responsible for ruining real talent and making boring cliched,copied and catastrophically bad movies which are degrading the reputation of the world’s most beautiful and diverse country. So raise your voice against those goons and lets stop watching their movies and those in film Industry please don’t forget you are an artist you transform imaginations, stories, history and dreams into reality with actions you make through every second of a movie then you are a business woman/man as we all love money. So in a manner let’s lift up that lost dignity of this beautiful country that we call home by abolishing anything which may harm her in any manner at any moment right now or the days to come in the future. Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

Author: Bibartan_Dash

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