“I want to fly a plane. I want to make a paper boat. I want to become a police officer and catch all criminals by myself. I want to become a model. I want to become the Prime Minister of my country. I want to meet Sharukh Khan in person.” These are some of the things one must have said or at least heard a child say. But as we grow up, things change and people find it difficult to continue their dreams. Some of them make use of their hobbies and elevate it into their career, some pursue them in their free time and some just don’t really happen to bother about it.


According to Wikipedia, A hobby is an activity, interest, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, done during one’s own time.

Some hobbies include DIY, coin collection, writing poems and articles, stamp collection, gardening, camping, play board games, watch movies/series and documentaries, make a scrapbook of special events, cooking, drawing, dancing, singing, stargazing, flying a kite, calligraphy, learning a new language, volunteering, performing yoga and the list continues.

Some of them have become obsolete such as stamp or coin collection due to VUCA world. Technology has also enhanced various things and have led to molding of interest. Now-a-days, it is possible to learn new things via internet. YouTube and other online platforms have made it possible for amateur to learn new skills online.

Some hobbies can be expensive but some comes with few costs involved. But at the end of the day, one must devote some time for these hobbies as they are a great stress reliever. One way to end the monotony is to focus on a hobby that is both enjoyable and helps you pass the time in a meaningful way.

Benefits of having a hobby:

  • Hobbies offer a new challenge.
  • They are a great source of happiness and stress reliever.
  • Hobbies provide an outlet for stress.
  • They help in enhancing one’s own personality.
  • They promote healthy relationship with oneself as well as others.
  • They also give one a platform to showcase one’s talent with the world.

As we grow up, life becomes monotonous and sometimes dull. Presence of some hobbies help in innovative thinking and reducing everyday stress. It is something that one has outside the normal job and something that is interesting. It is extremely important to adapt to the changes overall keep going and these hobbies add colors to life.


Author: shubhangiii

Freelance Writer