Things quarantine taught me

This quarantine has been troubling for a lot of people. Many of them can’t return to their work and are having a hard to maintain their financial balance.However people like me who have always been unemployed do not find it that difficult .at the fact that I wouldn’t be able to meet my friends for a long time or won’t be able to walk on the streets just for fun like a drunkard lol. a little bit that this was going to be my new normal for a long time.

But there are many things that quarantine has taught me. I have learned to be more grateful towards life and learned to cherish the littlest moments I experience because these are the memories that I will treasure with me for a lifetime. Some of them are:

Importance of family time with my annoying family

As people grow up, they become busy with their lives, fulfilling their own ambitions. But in the process of achieving it, they can’t seem to make enough time for their family. I used to fee theame. living in the house with my family has made me realize the importance of the family time.

staying connected with my useless friends

you may not beable to meet your friends in person but it is time to put th gadgets to good use. call them or face tim ethose loved ones with whom you haven’t met for a long time. be extra and go on to celebrate your quarantine birthdays on screen as well.

stop taking hometown for granted

this is especially true for the hostellers who leave their homes to pursue higher education in big cities.