Pomeranian dog breeds

The little Pomeranians are cute and fierce dogs which have come to become a household pet. They are highly affectionate, require minimum space, active, have the agility and turn out to be great family companions. As pets, they are highly devoted towards their owners and their small size should not be taken for granted, as they still possess a big-dog attitude. The Pomeranian affectionately referred to as “Pom”, is the smallest member of the spitz family. It is believed that they have been named after the Pomeranian region in north-west Poland and north-east Germany. The pom dog comes in many radiant colors such as red, orange, white with black being the most common. They make very good companions to old people. One of the advantages of having such a diminutive sized pet is that it requires low maintenance and can be easily kept in homes that lack a backyard. Despite their small-sized, they are known to have very loud barks imitating an intimidating persona.

Due to their small size, they require a small amount of food as well. The diet of the dog mainly depends on the size and activity level. The poms are an overly enthusiastic breed but it can be easy to overfeed them. The recommended amount is ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dry food per day which should be protein-rich, otherwise, they may experience digestive issues. It is best if divided into two meals. Supplements like boiled chopped liver or chicken can be excellent sources of proteins and vitamins.

Pomeranian personality can be described as a bundle of joy. The tiny creatures are a wild bunch of enthusiastic, people-friendly breed and possess certain character traits which makes them completely different from other breeds.Though they have a high tendency to be stubborn, they are smart enough to be trained properly. They make excellent watchdogs as they always remain vigilant of their surroundings and can easily detect the changes.

In all, they make lively and playful companions. Some of the puppies are genuinely friendly while some may have a temperament. These poms can be made to socialize early so that they grow up to be well-rounded. Some poms may have a habit of barking a lot which can be a cause of annoyance for the people around them. That is why there is a need to train them well, similar to other dog breeds. It is not a good choice for children since they may not respond well if mishandled.

Every breed of dogs has its benefits as well as disadvantages. If one is new to being a pet owner, Pomeranians can be a good choice. They can be your best friend if they are trained well enough.