Hobbies I took up during quarantine

Quarantine period gave me enough time to take up some hobbies. Some of them are:

WRITING: Writing is one of the activities I am loving the most right now. I was not very well versed with words when I spoke so I took to writing instead. It gave me enough time to gather my thoughts and pen them down on a sheet of paper. I always did it as a hobby since it made me happy. My interest in writing basically arose from when I started reading books. It initiated my thinking process and my ideas finally found an outlet in the form of writing. The best part about writing is the amount of variety and variability one can get from it. One can easily express themselves. Nowadays, I write about my day in my journal and also, what I expect from the next day.

PAINTING: Another thing that I picked up is painting. I have always loved art, so I finally tried to make some brush strokes and my attempt made me happy. Indulging in creative activities has finally stirred up my mind to think something out of the box as well.

BINGE-WATCHING: I have also utilized my time to finally catch up on new TV series, movies and K-dramas. There is a lot of content to choose from and makes up a good time-pass. This also makes up for fun. Having movie-time with your family with all the snacks ready gives a cinema-like vibe.

COOKING: Photos and videos of people on Instagram trying out new recipes also inspired me to try my hand at cooking. This one is a bit hard for me but I am learning a lot. Cooking should not only be a hobby but is a necessity since one can’t always order delivery.

FINDING NEW MUSIC: Music is comfort for soul. I have tried finding different genres of music and discovered some hidden gems. Now I have a personalized playlist for every activity of mine.

There are a lot of things one can do while sitting at home during quarantine. Get your creative minds working and try to develop new skills. But don’t be under pressure to do something productive all the time since rest and time for yourself is equally important.