The plague

the plague is an a ancient diseases that was occurring in North Africa and the middle East. and this diseases is behind several historic pandemic,Pestis of the teeth of the Neolithic farmers in sweden dated to roughly 4,900 year ago. The plague of the London of the 1664-66 caused between of the 75000 and 100,000 deaths in a populations is established at 460,000.

During of the 18th and the early part of the 19th century, plague continues to prevail in Turkey, North Africa, Egypt, Syria and the Greece. But during of the 19th century it the afflicted more than that the one district of the India, in 1815 Gujarat, in 1815 Sind, in the 1823 the Himalayan foothills, and in 1836 Rajasthan.

What year his plague start – The bubonic plague was active in the Europe from 1347 the beginning of black death of the black death, until 1750. A devasating global epidemic of bubonic that struck that Europe and Asia in the mid – 1300 s. When 12 of ships from the black sea docked at the sicilian port of the Messina.

how did has the plague? It has the caused bacteria, yersinia pestis. Humans usually get by the plague after being the bitten by flea that is carrying out the plague bacterium or by the handling and the It is caused by the bacterium an handling an animal infected with plague. and the plague is infamous for the killing millions of the people in Europe of during the middle ages of peoples.  

As this plague has been responsiblities are the widespread pandemic throughout history, include the so called black death that was caused by the over 50 million peoples are death, The Europe countries for the fourteen century, it can be easily treated with antibiotics and use of the standard measure. the plague was found by the all continents except by the Oceania but the human cases

Although plague has been responsible for widespread pandemics throughout history, including the so-called Black Death that caused over 50 million deaths in Europe during the fourteenth century, today it can be easily treated with antibiotics and the use of standard preventative measures.

Plague is found on all continents except Oceania but most human cases since the 1990 s have occurred in Africa. Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Peru are the three most endemic countries.And the in India their was the 693 suspected cases and 56 deaths were from the affected by the Indian sates as well as the Union Territory of the Delhi. These cases were from of Maharashtra which is 488 cases, Gujarat in 77 cases, Karnataka 46 cases, Uttar Pradesh which is 10 cases, Madhya Pradesh 4 cases and the New Delhi their are 68 cases. There are no reported of cases being exported to other countries.

The plague is transmitted between animals and human by the bite of infected fleas, and it directly contact to the eyes and with the infected tissues, inhalation of respiratory droplets. The plague case is fatality ratio of the 30% to the 60% for the bubonic types and it is always for the pneumonic kind of left untreated. The antibiotic treatment is effective plague bacteria, so early diagnosis treatment can be save the lives. From the 2010 to the 2015 their will be 3248 cases reported of worldwide, including by the 584 deaths in India.