PlayerUnknowns Battleground

We can’t negate the reality of PUBG being a sensation or a phenomenon in the history of games. Based on the Data analysis firm Sensor Tower, the report says in May 2020 that PUBG became the highest revenue grossing mobile game worldwide. This new graphic is a monetary advantage for the company’s progress but what about the “player’s grown addiction”. After its release in 2017, irrefutably it became the supreme (king) of all popular games in the world. Today we are in 2020, two years are gone still the goosebumps which it creates in the gaming market is astonishing. The game isn’t confirming any premonitions of dropping its player base in the coming year, and PUBG obsession is mounting high.

There are numerous cases that come across our minds when we think of the addiction carried by PUBG. Recently, in news, there was a 15-year-old boy who stole $700 from his father’s account for unlocking the “loot boxes”. This is not new, there is much news flooded with suicide, thieve and etc. World Health Organization (WHO) had many times reflected their views over these accidents. They have correspondingly established undeniable conditions as cautionary signals for custodians and parents.

Impaired control- When the player has become so obsessed that he/she is unable to control his/her cravings of playing. Unable to limit their gameplay.

Loss of interest- Player showing disinterest in doing other things and his/her mind is always getting diverted. It generates a lack of concentration in other activities.

Continuing to play despite negative impact- Gaming is instigating noteworthy destruction to their school results, employment activities, or any relationships.

What do you think of banning and restriction? Do you think restricting players after 6 hours of usage will put a stoppage to their obsession? Seeing the rising cases, Company took a necessary step and made a move to safeguard players. The game has begun to apparently lock the players who play the game for too long. The modification, primarily noticed by a few users on Twitter discloses that the game now displays a ‘health reminder’ that locks users out of the game after a certain hour played on the app. The move is good but it’s not still applied to every user.

Another news of suicide during Lockdown came in which a wife hanged herself to death because her husband continued to play PUBG regularly for ten hours and started neglecting her and their daughter. She also blamed him for turning aggressive and violent entirely. Many scholars believe PUBG has the ability to produce “Problematic Mental Disorder” in the users. “It’s a user in a shrinking battlefield”.