Vikas Dubey Encounter

Someone said it right “What you sow, so you reap”. This is very true when it comes to the latest encounter of criminal Vikas Dubey in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He had a criminal record of killing 8 policemen recently who went to arrest him instead were killed. He also has a record of almost 60 criminal cases against him including murders. The most daring and high profile one was the one in which he killed a BJP MLA inside a police station 20 years ago and was acquitted for lack of evidence.


The world around us is surrounded by various criminals and sometimes people at top positions are involved in the domain directly or indirectly. The manipulate and monopolize the truth and hence elevate the culture of the wrong being. Since so many people are involved, the network of such criminals gets more power and they try to spread their wings by doing more criminal activities. The large network also allows them to be convicted and arrested. Many of the murderers and criminals in the past have been released due to a lack of evidence when the truth was known.

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In the case of Vikas Dubey, the person was doing wrongful activities for a long time but the killing of 8 policemen recently led to his encounter as the case became high profile and came to media. Some rumors and reports indicated that once he will be arrested, there are chances that he will be killed sooner. The law doesn’t take account of the killing of criminals at the point unless he/she has created harm and is trying to escape. 

Now, this encounter seems like a typical Bollywood movie scene where the vehicle in which criminal was taken was rammed and in the process, the criminal tried to escape and police had to kill him on the spot has led to debate whether what happened is correct or not. If police can kill a person in such encounters, won’t all rapists who have clear records of what they did was incorrect be killed at that time? Won’t terrorists be hanged at the moment? Won’t other criminals who have the record against them be killed similarly in nearby future taking the shortcut? 

There is no doubt in the fact that criminal and legal cases in India take time and the best advice anyone gives is to settle the case outside the court as it is more convenient and saves a lot of time of all the parties involved. To kill a criminal on the spot saves a lot of time and effort in keeping him alive. When Kasab, one of the terrorists was taken into custody, there was a lot of money spent each day to keep him alive. But sometimes, it is also needed to keep them alive to get more information about how they have managed to do all these activities in the past and to know more about who else was involved with them.

A lone wolf is dangerous but a pack of the wolf can certainly create more problems in the jungle. Similarly, it is important to follow the legal steps and guidelines so that along with one criminal, the network-attached is also exposed and punished by the law. 

Author: shubhangiii

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