Live your dream or leave your dream- The placement trap

We provide 100% placements- liar

Top companies come for recruitment- liar

Provide Average salary of ten lac- liar

Today, we are going to talk about the tricks which most of the private educational institutions fool around with their “#precious students”. Discuss this with any final year students and they will unpretentiously disclose how they are ensnared in the pawn of placement drives. Throughout the admission process, educational institutes falsified the information, they also photo-shopped the uncut procedure and funded in figures- to exert pull-on students or parents to take admission to their university. Unluckily, afterward, they get caught red-handed but the entire dealings live on consistently every year.

“You are communicated with a voice dripping honesty and flooded with sincerity that- placements are sure-fire, we provide hundred percent placements in the bag but not that everyone is not placed.”

“Placement ratio is poorer than they professed”.

Neeraj Kumar (Fake name) doing MBA, was shoved to undertake the offer letter of the company delivering 2 lac per annul for the reason that regardless of what university sworn “none of the big bulky guys” visited him. He was not the only one, they are in thousands who don’t even get an opportunity to serve.

We are the one who pays you

We are the one who makes you

If we deny, you will fall

Surviving will make you roll and roll

So, keep yourself guided and do not lie

Otherwise, if we take steps, you will cry.

Close your eyes and think about what you have done.

You have played with millions of life-line

Always speak the truth and don’t be in denial.

Universities are made for Career growth

Not to bring our careers on road.

These scams are not new-fanged, they are running for decades. Whose fault is this? Is it us, who do not take the necessary steps against these money suckers? Or, it is none fault? Think.