What makes life beautiful?

The most beautiful thing about our life is that it works in a mysterious way. Sometimes, dwelling upon the past, clinging to things we desire most, chasing our passion, overthinking our problems don’t help us much and we find ourselves stuck at the same place even after years with slight or no change in our lives.

May be sometimes it’s essential to be truthful to ourselves and keep doing what we are meant to do every single day because it would just take one second for every thing to change. A single decision of someone, one random event, thought or proposal and our life will change it’s entire course. Read that again because the message is more powerful than we think.

For years, I have been imagining myself on a magical stage, with an overhead spotlight, glistening every cell of my outer body. My eyes are sparkling, heart sinking in fear and yet I am holding myself all together in front of the huge crowd whose faces are barely vivid. I see myself taking small walk on stage, gesturing my hands, occasionally stopping to make a point and smiling at my audience. I have witnessed myself doing this in the closed room with no particular intention in my mind. I have practiced telling stories, rehearsed in front of the mirror, recorded my audio, listened how my voice sounded while I spoke and all that I have imagined is about to happen.

The power to imagine things and events happening for real in front of our eyes, mind and in our dreams is beyond comprehensible. Everything that I have achieved and enjoyed in my short life is the manifestation of the image I created in my mind. I always imagined being surrounded by quality people, eating healthy food, earning just sufficient money, being loved, writing and inspiring others through my actions and that’s exactly how my life has unfolded. I have never asked for any of this exclusively. I have only imagined myself in a situation which I prefer and where I find myself physically and emotionally comfortable.

Visualisation is one step ahead of positive thinking. The research has proved that our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what we want and what we don’t, what is right and what is wrong. All it does is, bring to life the thoughts and characters we create inside our mind.

We can easily see that when, instead of letting the hungry husband dive into the sumptuous dinner before us, for example, he’ll still have to wait because we are going to take pictures first (for IG perhaps!) before the nice arrangement is messed up. Instead of sitting quietly down to dinner, thank the Lord for the good food and ask Him to bless it, then share it with the ones we love gathered around, our thoughts and actions are centered on sharing it first to the world. We make these little decisions for the sake of the world and not for us.

Now, if we fail to show our moments to the world before they come to pass, we feel like there’s something lacking in our lives. But, this shouldn’t be the case. Our lives should be lived to satisfy us and not the world through its “likes and comments”.

Is life beautiful because a photo shared is scooping up “likes” by the hundreds or even thousands? Is that the gauge?

I’m learning, dear readers, I’m learning!

What makes life beautiful? Is it what people see on the outside? Or is it essentially the life on the inside, the one that cannot be seen? The one that is sturdily connected to its Creator and Sustainer and Savior? The one that is whole and full and complete enough in its God it doesn’t need glorying in “likes”? The one that doesn’t need to show off because it is happy and contented in itself?

I am learning hard, yes, on how to live this one life in contentment in God and not in the world. Sometimes, we think that striving to make our lives beautiful for others to admire and emulate is the way to happiness, but I believe that we need to create first a place in our inmost being that is authentically contented, happy, and grateful before it can even be called beautiful. Our lives should deeply satisfy us first before it can attempt to satisfy others. They should be loved, cherished, and made happy first before they can even be useful to others.

I used to think that adorning and surrounding my life with beautiful things – scented candles, pretty English teacups, flowers arranged in a crystal vase, lovely and comfortable bedroom with walls and covers in perfect harmony (you get the picture) – will somehow cover the want in other areas, such as the lack of health and the absence of travel because of it. These things could temporarily bring comfort and joy and even peace, but in no way can they reach that place in the heart and soul where true and enduring happiness and contentment reside, if in the very first place they aren’t there. The true state of the heart, mind, and soul will determine whether the life that they support is beautiful or wanting.

Author: Nidhi Biswas

I am a bba final year student. Here to write about helping the poor ones with the related schemes and the one who are willing to read.

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