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The invention of the first tools in the 2 million year ago was the moment when human kind started to distinguish itself from all other species on the planet. It took they found other ingenious way to control fire, build shelter, and make items of clothing,but the idea kept coming, and the invention that followed by the resulted in full civilization. Lets see about some examples for this world invention.

  1. Stone Tools : –
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The stone tool it is the first human invention consisted of sharp flint. found and used in their state by primitive people, who the went on to purposely sharpen tones the practice reaches back to the very dawn of humankind stone tools found in 1969 in Kenya are establish to be 2,600,000 year old. The principle types of tools which appeared in the paleolithic period and varied in size and appearance, are known as core, flake, and blade tools. the core tools. The core tools are the largest and most primitive, and were made by working on a first-size piece of rock or stone with similar rock and knocking large flake off one side to produce a sharp crest. This was general purpose implement used for hacking, pounding or cutting.Eventually thinner and sharper core tools were developed which were most useful.

2. Clothing :- Early human covers their nakedness.

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Around a 400.000 years ago homo sapiens devised a solution to protect the vulnerable naked human body from the environment – clothes. Anthropologist believe the earliest clothing was made from the fur of hunted animal or leave creativity wrapped around the body to keep out the cold ,wind and rain. Determining the date of this invention is difficult, although sewing needles made from animal bone dating from about 30,000 has been founded by archeologists. However, genetic analysis of human body lice reveals that they evolved at the same time as clothing. Scientists originally thought the lice evolved 107,000 years ago, but further investigation placed their evolution a few hundred thousand years earlier. Clothing has change dramatically over the centuries although its ancient role as an outward indication of the status, wealth and beliefs of the wears is as important as ever. During the industrial revolution the textile industry was the first to be mechanized, enabling increasingly elaborate designs to be made at faster rate.

3. Fishhook :- Early human discover how to retain caught fish.

The word are their no fish-hand account documenting their concept of use. The fish hook is one of the ingenious conception of early man and is one of the important success of human than most us of would suspect.

there is in one of the example so far found by archeologists date from around 35000 appearing well before the advent of metalworking, early fish hook from durable material of organic origin such as bone, shell, animal horn and wood. with addition of verity of baits on the hook, prehistoric man gained access. previously largely denied, to an easy source of energy loaded with a protein and fat. Over thousand of year the technology of fish hood has evolved to optimize prey attraction, retention and retrieval. the very earliest fish hooks of all though to have been made from wood.