The Beautiful Monsoon

Today, I woke up and it was raining heavily outside. Seeing the view outside made my heart filled with pleasure. I love the rainy season because it’s the season of festivals!

Farmers also longed-for monsoon season with honest emotions, it gives them a purpose to rejoice numerous carnivals, cross fingers for high-quality harvests, and make élite monsoon dishes. Monsoon in actuality shows us one of its finest natural outlooks, as streams are bursting, flooding and swinging, foothills are wide-awake in pursuit of greeneries and downpour ornamented the entire hills with a lustrous look, glorious ponds, plush natural foliage, and stunning floras.

The rainy season is one of the four main seasons of India. It ends every year after the summer season, especially in the month of July and ends in September. Clouds in the sky rain when the monsoon occurs. It gets very hot during the summer season and goes up in the sky as vapor from water resources like oceans, rivers, etc. Water is of the utmost importance in human life. That is why we should plant more and more trees for good rainfall so that our environment remains clean and green.

We all the more so get unexpected appetites for pakoras, samosa, and corn cobs. Certainly, it’s the finest nosh for all periods but flavors extremely satisfactory the minute it showers outdoor. Avoid eating leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cabbage, during the rainy season. Instead, use cucumber, orange, mango, and tomato more in food. Eat plenty of dry fruits during the rainy season. They help in increasing the immunity of the body. Aloo paratha prepared for breakfast or dinner during the rainy season. The whole family will be happy. If you mix onions and potatoes in the stuffing, the taste will be even better.