Is Our Earth Sustainable?

One of the most familiar word we hear in our day to day life and many within and beyond academia and in the more developed and developing parts of the world is “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. It is another principle that emerged after the development of UNCLOS.The Sustainable Development resources refers to the mutual promotion of Economy, Ecology and Society to develop Sustainable Development. It is a development model that consider the Environment when achieving balanced growth with efficiency and fairness.

What is Sustainable Development? The development that meets the needs of the present without Compromising the ability of Future Generations to meet their own needs. Achieving Sustainable Development in the 21th Century is not an option but am Imperative. The journey of four World Summits from “Stockholm to Johannesburg ” they have decided that Sustainable Development is an Imperative.

Nature Provides a Free Lunch but only If We Control Our Appetites”

During the year 1972 UN conference in Stockholm highlighted the “concerns for preserving and enhancing the environmentand its biodiversity to ensure Human Rights to a healthy and Productive world”,In 1982 the United Nations commission on Environment and Development was created .During the period 1972-1992 over 200 Regional and International Agreements and Conventions for Environment Protection were Adopted. Non Government Organizations from around the world also collaborates and Deliberated Strategies for Sustainable Development. In 2012 the United Nations conference met to discuss and develop a set of goals to work towards on Sustainable Development. This Sustainable Development came up with a list of 17 items. The 1st Sustainable Development Emphasizes the coordinate development between Resource Utilization and Economic growth and The 2nd Sustainable Development Emphasizes moderate development taking into account the Environment carrying Capacity while using Natural Resources,Finally the main Goal of the Sustainable Development theory is to improve the quality of Human life i.e In which people can live and work in Peace and Contentment and have a high quality of Life.

Sustainable Development Characterised by three P’s People, Planet and Profit. At the core of Idea of Sustainable is the matter of meeting people needs for the home,job etc,.If we dont take care of Environment in which we live now,we wont have anything to leave behind us for Future Generations.