Constructive feedback

Feedback is given as a response to any performance or work submitted which aims to improve the quality of output in future. Feedback basically involves evaluation, appreciation and coaching for improvement. The objective behind feedback is to highlight the positive and the negative aspects of the performance, encourage the workers to do a better work, while also providing a guide on how to reach the desired performance.

Feedback or constructive criticism can be very effective if given in the right way. it is supposed to provide suggestions to the person so that they can learn from their mistakes and identify the areas where they are lacking. The difficult par about giving feedback is making it not sound like down right criticism. some people may put out insults and pass it around as opinions which should be taken in a constructive manner. there is a way of presenting your opinion, specifically while dealing or giving negative feedback, otherwise it may put down the morale of the listener.

The feedback giver should make it a point to not make the conversation personal and stick to the performance of the person and not his/her personality. The listener should also try to not take the criticism personally and have trust on the feedback giver.

While giving feedback, the person should make sure to not use the “feedback sandwich”. It is basically providing criticism sandwiched between praises. It may appear to be an ideal technique but it does much more damage than good. This may soften up the criticism but in actual, it renders the criticism ineffective. The listener may also start believing that the praise isn’t true. Also, be clear about what needs to be improved. If you will give any vague suggestions, it won’t help anyone. Learn to be open to others’ perspective as well. it is best that the people concerned come together, discussion the problem and try to come up with a collaborative action plan.

Therefore, people should not hesitate to acknowledge their mistakes and should help each other with “feedbacks” that would help them to grow. A positive feedback system would also help to develop a community that is not shy of its mistakes and takes every challenge in life as a step to move forward in life.