Overworking yourself

How many hours do we work spending in a day? This thought came to my mind some days back when I clearly had nothing to do. I was contemplating on how to make my day productive and I realized that this quarantine period has provided me with a lot of time to give myself enough rest, probably something no one gets to experience on a daily basis anymore.

I mostly used to feel proud of working more hours, because it somehow became synonymous with more productivity for me. But I later realized how wrong I was. I was bragging about something which was clearly nothing to brag about. There is nothing great about overworking yourself.

Overworking yourself to the limit of exhaustion doesn’t benefit anyone. It just leads to a burnout and even decreases efficiency. We all have become such busybodies that we can’t even appreciate our own self, let alone others. This may eventually lead to a stage of complete burnout and may also bring along physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Too much involvement in everything can be harmful. We should learn to give ourselves a break too. The amount of pressure we put on ourselves can be unbearable.

The major consequences of overworking oneself incudes

Fatigue: There is sheer tiredness all the time. Even after a well-rested sleep, this doesn’t seem to go away.

Multitasking: Having thousands of tasks to accomplish on our to-do-list can be daunting. Accepting a large number of tasks and then juggling among them just reduces efficiency.

Health consequences: Putting in too many hours can cause some serious health concerns, both physical and mental. You will constantly find yourself keeping unwell or if the work is physically more demanding, back pain and other muscular pain can be frequently experienced. Too much work may bring too much stress and emotional and mental health may suffer.

There are certain situations or elements that are beyond our control but we do have the choice to decide on how to act on them. In order to take care of ourselves, we have to come to a realization that some things can be done while others can’t. There is no need to feel guilty about this. We all have our limitations and breaking points, if our work is always taking us over the edge of these limitations, this may be the time to stop and reflect.

Never let work come in between personal relationships. This can damage both. It is always good to be ambitious and put continuous efforts, but emotional support from family members and friends can contribute a great deal in our journey. Also, try to set realistic goals for oneself. Be a bit accepting of your own shortcomings and learn to be compassionate towards yourself. Don’t shy away from taking little breaks from time to time. A pause from the monotonous stressful life can really put things into perspective.