Indian Women Rising

Ever since, India got her Independence, the social status of women has changed tremendously. Women have managed to reach newer heights and excel in various fields. In spite of many worth-praising breakthroughs, there are still major areas where women are to see a drastic change taking place. In this scenario how well are India’s daughters progressing? Do they have much to relish? Are they appreciated for every ounce of blood and sweat they put in standing a chance in the society? The truth is, it has been a roller coaster ride. Women have always been victims of torture, violence and exploitation. Although the scenario has changed and in today’s time women are seen breaking the glass ceiling in various fields, making it possible for other women to excel.
Indian women have always been successful in accomplishing their dreams like Nirmala Sitaraman who made us proud becoming India’s first full time woman Finance Minister. And also the women team who headed the “Chandrayan – 2” Mission and propelled India into the global elite space club are worth praising.

Women’s rising turnout in elections and their growing political involvement has been recorded as a major breakthrough in the history of Indian Politics.
In the 2019 general elections, 724 women candidates contested elections, of these 222 women contested independently. The 17th Lok Sabha has 78 women MPs, the highest number of women MPs to be elected till date.


• According to the Census, India’s population stands at 1.38 billion (Jan 1, 2020) , 48% of the population comprises of women. When we look at the state of the women who still have no access to education, the reports are not encouraging. The rural women tend to engage themselves more in household chores rather than in attending school. One reason possibly could be – lack of resources. Children (girls specifically) in the rural areas either have to cycle or walk bare foot to reach school. They have no access to public transport. And once, the girl child hits puberty, parents force her to get married and have children. These issues need to be addressed at the earliest.

• An area that requires attention is that of unpaid work done by women such as the household chores including cooking, cleaning and child care. Indian women spend half of their lives catering to the needs and desires of her family. It is important and essential that the invaluable unpaid work done by women should be given equal credit nationally. This will not only boost their self-esteem but help them get greater support at home from their spouses and family.


In India, where women are believed to be worshipped as goddesses, ironically are not safe. They are victimized, exploited and abused. In order to improve women safety in India the first task is to improve the number of women in every sphere of society. Along with that the change in mind set of people is very essential for the safety of women. There should be fast-track courts to hear the cases and the cases should be investigated in a time bound manner. Only strict laws can not solve the problem of women safety in India rather the implementation of these laws in a time bound manner can solve the issue to a large extent. Women safety is the key to women empowerment.

Author: Shrabani Chakraborty

A Story Teller