India: A country of a billion dreams and flaws.

India a country representing diversity in it’s name and everything for which it stands for. The world’s biggest democracy, seventh largest country in terms of area and one of the biggest military power in the whole world with Indian nationals and persons of Indian origin excelling in each and every field around the world. But what about it’s status as economy and a country with some stance around the world. Well as we know there will always be two sides to the same coin so we can definitely say this that in this era the golden peacock named India is somehow chained with a leash due to which it is unable to reach it’s horizons and limits which it once touched as that epitome of a success and prosperity in the history of mankind. So let’s talk about those leashes first as such to be honest there are many and we all know about them but we still ignore them as ranging from brain drain to corruption to heavy imports to reservation and lack of so called attachment to ones mother land. Let’s start with brain drain and the education system of India well as the whole world knows that India is the biggest producer of a lot of brilliant minds who are present in these centuries for example Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Dhivya Suryadevara, Indra Nooyi to vikram Seth and and many more if you are all wondering why are these people are here that’s because these people are all the result of brain drain caused by India’s callousness for it’s ginormous talent which is getting neglected or supplied to other countries. So if you are wondering what leads to this brain drain there are a lot of things which leads to brain drain starting from reservations to lack of diversity in the employment sector and the massive lacking of celebration of real talent in academics or other category ranging from sports to artistry to what not, as Indian Education only cares about the so called science student or in a better manner a student who is good in mathematics as in here we never get a choice to choose of which line we wanna pursue as students or aspirants but generally chosen by our teachers, relatives or in worst case by our neighbors or the so called ,”mohale wale aunty”. Secondly is the lack of creativity and the admiration of differences at the school level too which creates a lot of dilemma in a students mind and added to that the discrimination on the basis of gender doesn’t help at all. After this comes the fleeting issues of corruption and lack of dedication towards the country as citizen or not, still living here or not living here it doesn’t matter this soil is responsible for granting us the soul with which we stand up and go to live our life everyday so we should always dedicate some parts of us towards the betterment of this country at all times. Next comes the biggest issue of economy . India is such a massive country with such a massive population that every country’s main goal is to export to India as we all know it’s the biggest open market and as we all know we love buying things non Indian don’t we, as nobody likes to support a local deep fried business but everybody supports KFC then again after all the things China has done to us there are around crores and crores of people who still use tik tok in India and also brag about there Xiaomi or Realme smart phones that also the youth mass that’s something which we should change because it’s not only a streak of shame on us but on our whole subcontinent. Then the massive presence of militant patriarchy and lack of understanding of what westernisation actually means as we to be developed right now we need to get rid of everything we once thought is right for me or you and start thinking about whats right for us. So as we being sons and daughter of that mother India living here or not it doesn’t matter but we should try making this small changes because a bigger change comes with a beginning of an act which defines our motive and aim. So as that being said, “change starts with you” so let’s do it not for us but for anybody in this world who was proud or who is proud or a least can be proud to say that he is of Indian origin. Jai hind.

Author: Bibartan_Dash

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