Body shaming

We all at some point of our lives have been subjected to or have been a part of body shaming. We are constantly told thinness is desirable, but being skinny is unacceptable. Magazine constantly give us tips on how to lose weight instantly, without even knowing our medical condition, this is a clear cut example of body shaming , fat shaming to be precise.

Body shaming is present everywhere. Body shaming means criticising yourself or other people around you based on certain aspects of their physical appearance. It usually leads to a vicious cycle of judgement and criticism. It is a serious form of bullying, harassment and humiliation. Women are more subject to body shaming in comparison to men.

Words like “you are too fat”, “try losing weight”, “try gaining weight”, “use some fairness cream” and so much more are all instances of body shaming we face on a daily basis. These statements can come from absolute stranger to close relatives, and can make anyone keep self conscious and humiliated.

We all have been subjected to body shaming at some point. No matter how seemingly “perfect” you look, but everyone of us will be able to recall that one incident when we were made to feel gross about the way we look. We all have incidents when people told us how inappropriate we look in a certain dress because of how stick thin or too fat we are.

How does body shaming feels?

A person experiencing body shaming usually goes through a feeling of unacceptance. It can be both external as well as internet. Researchers also show that a large section of women also restore to self shame, because they do not look like the women in magazines.

Being subjective to body shaming can also make an individual more vulnerable to mental disorders. Individuals may start vigorous exercising or extreme diets in order to gain or lose weight. Many individuals also develop eating disorder as a consequence.

Is the perfect figure practical?

People usually woman has a presumed image of an ideal figure. At 7 they play with Barbie dolls and by 17 they are expected to be just like one. Women are usually expected to have skinny thighs and waist, but fuller bust and hips, however it is most of the time unattainable.

Even the women in the magazines aren’t as perfect as they seem. There are a lot of allegation against these magazines to blatantly photo shop the images. It is important for us to realise that the Instagram pictures of the influences and models also include good amount of editing and filters.

What should one do?

People now are being more vocal about their struggles, their stories, and it is making us realize how important it is to let out. Speaking out about your struggles give others the courage too. It is important for us to realise that though we all are in different boats, but we all are in the same sea, we all are struggling.
Having an accepting position attitude to your body is important.

Self love is the key. Having confidence on yourself and your appearance never goes out of style. If you feel this body shaming has taken a toll on your mental health, asking for help is always an option.

Lastly it is important to accept yourself, keeping aside the judgements of this superficial world. Work on yourself, your knowledge, your skill, your esteem, grow and become a confident individual.