Blessings that will melt your heart❤️

We are living in this world full of blessings. Yes, we love when someone bless us but what if someone special gives you a blessing….. That will obviously melt your heart and definitely you’ll get happiness. We always listen up that never hurt anyone that will converted into a curse. Yaa it doesn’t sound good but never deceive someone you’ll be cursed by god. And that sometimes occurs naturally and that too break your heart.

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” – Camille Pissarro

The above quote is absolutely correct and I totally agree. These people see the world with a beautiful nature and never wondered that I wish I could have this. On the other hand there are some people who are selfish, greedy and yes nothing to shame we all are best suited in these words.

Today my topic is of blessings that’ll melt your heart. And this is based on my real situation. We see that poor people who are always looking up for money for food for shelter for clothes but how do we help them by giving some money or some people just drag them out. But they are also a human being they also have a right to live happy and they also need a respect.

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Today, morning when I woke up. I saw an old man begging for food. He was moving from one house to another house but no one try to help him also there was a heavy rainfall no one try to gave him a shelter. Then he came to my door he asked for some food and water soo I gave him one bottle full of water and some food. He sat down under mu house shed and started eating. This literally maked me happy and then he started giving me blessings and a smile on his face has given me a strength for life. Believe me helping these poor people will definitely give you a happiness and that too you’ll fell happy. Seeing these smiles on their face will melt your heart.

Another incident is that helping those transgender. Yes, they are also a human being they too need a respect. People start making faces when they see them or they don’t sit beside them. Why? This should be stopped. They are transgender and there is nothing to shame about or making faces and it’s not written anywhere that they are bad omen for anyone. This is a god gifted. Helping these people will give happiness to your life.

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They are too having all the rights that a normal people have. Government gave them every beneficial and every right to live. So try to help others god will definitely help you and believe me their blessings are full of love and it’ll definitely bring a happiness to your own world.

Author: Nidhi Biswas

I am a bba final year student. Here to write about helping the poor ones with the related schemes and the one who are willing to read.