Unlocking India

The pandemic got us all by its horror. While the Indian government continues to miserably fail at actually governing the nation with its highly communal and primitive ideas, unlocking India has gotten worse than the lockdown itself.

The Jagannath Puri Yatra has commenced and a person whopwho was of the yatra has already tested positive for the deadly virus. I remember when we were locking down the country here, the government continuosly blamed the Tablighi Jamaat for having worsened the country’s situation. Our Islamophobic government continued to attack the muslims for having deliberately planned this entire thing to attack Indians. They were kept all sorts of names by the media especially the channels supporting the right wing. Now what? Isn’t the Puri yath ratra also going to lead to the spread of the virus? Isn’t this fatal? Just because the yatra us being lead by the majority religion of this so called secular nation, shouldn’t the government be questioning this too? Who is going bro be responsible if the whole of India gets the virus due to this yatra. I do not mean to disrespect Lord Jagannath but isn’t it common sense to not allow a thousand people to roam around with no physical distancing whatsoever? Trust me, I’m waiting for the government to put the blame of this foolishnes on the Gandhis. In the last 6 years of their highly inefficient and ineffective regime, all I’ve understood is that if their is a problem, the opposition is responsible and if there is something passingly going fine in the country we must hail Modi.

The leading party is poisoning the body politic of India. The unlocking isn’t going fine. The Economy is dying, there are as always issues related to electricity and water, people don’t have food to eat, the diesal prices are going over the roof, people are dying, hospitals are ineffective, employees are losing their income. In such a situation how can the home minister even dare to say that things are going fine? The only thing the government knows is how to attack students who are trying to raise their voice. It only knows how to attack and suppress people. It only knows oppression. This country is no more a democracy and it will be too late before people realise this. Sad, we are in a sad state.

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