Is Social Media Changing the Parent and Child Relationships?

Social media is increasingly changing in front of our eyes and this modern medium of communication is almost difficult to ignore and shield from. Not only is it an integral part of social circle socialization but it is now used to advertise and inspire people in becoming part of a larger society. Many websites that provide communication through their website or apps such as Whatsapp, Hike, Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger etc.

Social media behaviour of parents affects relationship with child

Relationships in so many families have changed today in the era of social media, as social media affects those connections in a number of unanticipated and sometimes negative ways.

With the latest mobile application such as dating apps or online matching apps, our relationship with family seems to be more affected. Whether social media is a blessing or a curse, it is one of the most contentious issues in today’s world for sure.

A finding from the research team at Kaspersky Lab says social media is affecting the relationship between parents and children significantly. It has been found that approximately twenty-one per cent of parents admit that relations with their children were damaged as a result of their being seen in a compromising social media circumstance.

With people preferring to post photos of themselves or others under the influence of alcohol, wearing something provocative or even nude to get more ‘likes,’ it’s clear that social media will harm offline relationships. But while we’d expect parents to disapprove of the online behaviour of their children, it seems to be the other way around.

More than a fifth of parents admit their connection with their children worsened after seeing their family members in compromising social media conditions. Just 14 per cent of parents, on the other hand, said they were irritated by online actions of their children. Additionally, about one in five (16 per cent) people have said their relationship with their spouse or partner was harmed as a result of being seen in a compromising social media situation.

Thanks to social media, interactions with families, acquaintances and employers are shifting as people connect less face-to – face. A substantial third of people agreed that they now interact less with their parents (31%), children (33%), spouses (23%), and friends (35%), because they can see and engage with them through social media.

Although people communicate less face-to – face, roughly half of respondents believe their relationship quality does not suffer at all and is even better as a result of being attached online with their loved ones.


The quest for “likes” and social recognition causes people to post growing quantities of private information on social media sites, placing their peers, families and employers at risk as well as themselves. The irony of missing a lifetime of digital memories like images and conversations will make it difficult for those who want to cut themselves off from social media. Humans need to be more careful and cyber-savvy about the information they share on social media to protect themselves and their relationships.

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