Why ‘social distancing’ is arduous to follow?

How it’s hard, the history of human civilization has one clear picture to reflect

At times, we see catchphrases behind the trucks. One of them we catch the most is ‘Keep distance’.
During this period of the pandemic COVID-19, we are coming across the same consistently- Keep Distance!
We are seeing that people are averting the crowds, staying at a distance in gatherings and advising the very thing to follow.
As we know that it’s a global threat and in such case, the only way to avoid it is following the sole idea of being distant.

For the management of any contagious malady, apart from the medications and treatments, the idea of social distancing has been prevailing in nature and historical human civilization for a long time.
Even animals like chimps, bats and various insects become remote from the ailing of their own species.
It is believed that in the history of humans, to isolate the ailing person was first and foremost cited in the Bible (Leviticus 13:46) –  “46as long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.”

In human history, every epidemic witnessed ‘social distancing’ and it has traditionally been followed in human civilization.
When the past record and nature, both exhibit the same convention, then why it’s so difficult for us to obey it now?

History asserts that human beings have always existed in groups, have cared for each other and shared with each other.
We, humans, are developed to be designated as administrators on the Earth because of our patterns of working together, in communities and helping out each other to perform a certain task.
This is why we are yearning for such activities, to do whatever we used to do before the current scenario. Like school, college, hanging out with friends, movies, restaurants or travelling.

In this epoch of social distancing, the sentiment of staying close to people and staying together seems far off. We are even apart from the ones who need us. Social distancing is contrary to our core tendency hence it’s strenuous.

We have swivelled towards the Internet and social media in the wake of this new normal!
Nevertheless, we aren’t detached socially even if we’re sequestered.
Previously, we were condemning Internet for making people anti-social but currently, it has brought us together. Be it via video conferences or chat groups.

This isn’t the world we’ve been living in, not the habits we’ve been living with, we wouldn’t even have any intention to be in such a world for the unpredictable stretch.
With this hope that all adversities will culminate one day, we need to follow the tagline truly that we often find behind the truck!

History and Nature, both imply that social distancing is the absolute best way to deal with such a wave.
However, this foisted ‘social distancing’ will thrive the value of human interactions and propinquity within us.
Hopefully, it will prevail as it’s forever legacy.

Author: Sameeksha Singh

Hi! My name is Sameeksha. I write to reflect the notions of my psyche. Although I am a wallflower, when it comes to the paper, I talk endlessly. Critics are welcomed. Thank you.

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  1. Reality of today’s world has been written so effortlessly. There were times when internet was looked down upon and now in such scenario that’s become essential. Social distancing is tough undoubtedly


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