Why all of us should read!

From the title you must have guessed that the title is about the importance of reading. All of us grew up being told by our parents that we should reduce our TV time and instead go ahead and pick up a book.

I had never really understood and paid attention to the importance of reading until I entered high school. It was in high school that it struck me how important it is to expand your vistas and learn more, read more. In higher classes it is expected out of us that we should have a good and expansive vocabulary. I wasn’t much of a reader back then but my inclination towards books started at that time itself.

Over the years, reading has helped me in a lot many ways. Apart from the fact that I have more concrete opinions and ideas nowadays, I feel more confident. I feel intelligent and smart. It has boosted my self confidence. It is a good escape from the world. You can imagine, think, fantasie- it’s just you and your story, nothing else. It’s a beautiful world- the world of reading and I suggest you should try going there sometime. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to come back!

As they say, a book is man’s best friend and we’ll, it is true in everyway. A book doesn’t judge you or laugh at you. You can do whatever you want to, you can read any genre- there will be no opinion of the book! You are free, left to your own devices!

There is a piece of writing for every human emotion. You can feel a certain way and almost immediately ( in today’s internet driven world) find a book which suits and matches your feelings!

These days people resort to reading softcopies of various authors. It may suit their requirements but for me, the hard Bound book with it’s muddy sweet smell has a different feeling. It gives me a different high, trust me! I would suggest that for a beginner, the old school hardcopies of books are the best. They give you a feeling that you are actually reading something. It’s a different experience. Go ahead, enjoy yourselves.

Happy reading!

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